KWVA Birthday Party: Event Planning Pays Off.

Everyone in public relations knows that events can be used as a great way to promote a brand or product or modify its image. KWVA’s annual birthday party at the WOW Hall in Eugene does more than that.

The event is free to station members, and students are offered a free membership just by filling out a simple form. It’s a way to say thanks to our community supporters and the students of the University of Oregon.

As marketing director it was my job this year to plan the 17th Birthday Bash, and what a job it was. Between booking the bands, coordinating the volunteers, promoting the event, and  raising enough funds to make it all happen, I was looking forward to it all being over.

But once things got underway I found myself pleasantly enjoying the fruits of my labor. The bands, Bobby Birdman, Music for Animals, The Dirty Mittens, and YACHT, were all better than expected, in addition to being really cool people to work with.

But the most important part is that everybody around me was having a great time, and I knew it would reflect well on the station. Seeing 300 people with that kind of energy at a KWVA event can only mean good things for the station’s future.

So, if your organization has the resources to give back to its fans or supporters, I suggest doing so. It is definitely worth the work, stress, and chaos to make it happen. Just make sure you are in attendance.


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