Facebook Insights. Like this.

Part of my job as marketing director at KWVA is to manage and increase the effectiveness of our social media, which are currently limited to Facebook and Twitter. (Although I hope to have a blog up and running soon.)

It has become more of a hobby than a task for me to check our weekly Facebook Insights and see what kind of responses or interactions we have garnered. That’s why I’m thrilled that Facebook continues to develop and improve Insights, as I read in this  socialmediatoday post titled “The 5 new features on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn PR pros need to understand.”

Here’s why: The Insights provide me and my department with a platform for development by illuminating areas that need improvement and numerically rewarding us for strong posts and increased interactions.

Beating the numbers week by week has become a game for me, so this week when I noticed our post quality drop from 4 to 3 stars, I started doing my research.

Luckily, I stumbled upon this post, which highlights the most beneficial of the Insights metrics. Post quality is not one of them, but demographics is. Interestingly enough, female KWVA fans are increasingly more interactive with the page than males. See?

Thanks to Facebook Insights I’m aware of our apparent outreach sexism and am able to do something about. Goal: next week’s insights display increased male interaction.


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