“Emulating can be good, imitating is usually bad (and uninteresting).”

So says Amber Naslund in her blog post “9 Ways to Breath Life Into Your Blog.” Her tip is to “Minimize the Me Too Posts,” because if it doesn’t provide a new perspective it isn’t worth posting.

The tip really got me thinking about the way communication has evolved, specifically social media. The video below helps describe what I’m thinking. Check it out.

The residents of Scooptown realized that it’s okay to like the same flavor of ice cream as your neighbor, but it’s better to have the option of making your own. You never have to take advantage of such options and, realistically, many people won’t. Lots of people don’t understand Twitter, use Facebook,  keep a blog, or even read a blog. But many people do. Those people are ice cream makers.

Social media gives us the opportunity to build ideas through communicative collaboration. When Amber says we should “Minimize the Me Too post,” she is absolutely right. We have the capability to innovate, create, elaborate on or refute ideas with the tap of our fingers, making the flavors limitless.

At this point I must heed another of Amber’s tips, “Be Okay with Incomplete Thoughts.” There isn’t any specific point to be made by this post, but I wanted to acknowledge the incredible opportunity that social media provides. Anyone with access to the world wide web can have their voice heard. Social networking is universal, democratic, and inclusive, but the best part is that it’s unrestrictive.

That being said, there is no reason to say “me too,” because you can always say “me too,” “here’s why,” and “what’s more.”


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