First blog post: Ain’t got a lot, but its got life.

I’ve included this video in my very first blog post because it represents how I feel about diving into this first post. It may be lacking a lot of the features that make it a good post, but it reflects who I am and what I hope to accomplish with this blog.

In order to introduce myself, I’m sure it’s reasonable to begin with my interests. I love music but I don’t play any instruments and I like art but I’m merely a doodler. I don’t mind photographs but mine never seem to turn out. I enjoy snowboarding but primarily on account of the scenery…not the exercise. I like trying to solve problems, though I rarely succeed, and I love to write. I suppose a combination of the two sparked my interest in public relations: solving problems through creative communication.

Speaking of unsolved problems, I’m about to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communications with a PR focus and I have no idea what to do with it. I generally believe things will fall into place, and until then I’ve secured a good job at a great restaurant. I imagine myself working in corporate or firm PR and hope to get my MBA one day.

I wouldn’t mind working in the music industry, maybe booking bands and planning events, but it seems too desirable to be realistic. That being said, my current position as marketing director at KWVA 88.1 fm, the UO campus radio station, has me headed in the right direction. I’ve also worked as public relations director for Ethos Magazine, a publication that reflects many of my own interests.

So, as my introductory blog post, I introduce you to my blog. It will be about all of these things from the perspective of a PR student. I hope it will be interesting, informative, or at least laughable to you, so at least one of us is having a good time. Enjoy!


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